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We Are The Roots To Our Business Community

Treos uses the power of collaboration and technology to build your business and community

Treos offers a creative range of consulting services to grow your business while reducing the cost of running it. We have the necessary tools and expertise to allow your business to keep as much profit as possible so you can invest in areas for your business to grow. We partner with our clients and their community to develop engaging growth strategies.

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About Us

The Roots To Our Business Community

Treos was founded with a single mission: To use community, collaboration and technology to increase the success of Small Businesses. This was created from speaking to over 50,000 small business and uncovering a broken system.

Small businesses are the backbone of Canada's economy. The current survival rates for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada decline over time. About 85% of businesses that enter the marketplace survive one full year, 70% survive for two years and 51% survive for five years.

Flip a coin and that is your current chances for your business to last 5 years. What we've noticed is when businesses collaborate together their success rate grows exponentially. Not only that, but these businesses thrive!

We are Canadian business owners who act in your best interest to make sure more businesses thrive. When you win, we win. Let us show you how we can help!

Are you ready to grow your business today? Give us a call. You will be glad you did.

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What We Do For You

Bringing Collaboration to the forefront

Treos is "The Roots To Our Business Community" because we use collaboration, community and technology to build your brand. We partner with corporations who service the small business community and then we use our unique talents to tweak their product or service to make sure it values your business AND community.

Treos offers a wide range of services to fit a wide range of businesses. Whether you’re a small, local business or a bustling multinational, we know community. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how Treos can work for you.


Treos and Paystone Giveback 25% of POS Profits

Take Back What Belongs to You

If you run a business then you have either received a phone call or had someone walk into your store selling you debit and credit processing. The industry has become overly saturated. Everyone says they offer the best price or the best customer service. When it comes down to it you will give up a little of one or the other if you decided to switch.

We have partnered with Paystone, A Fintech Leader based in SouthWestern Ontario, because they have the best prices and customer service that we have found available. If you switch to Paytone through Treos we guarantee we will match or beat your price while offering A+ customer service. 

But we have a little twist.....

Treos is offering any business that joins our family an incentive. We will giveback 25% of the monthly revenue created from your payment processing towards building your community.


Treos and Klusster
Building Community Networks

The Power Of Together

Klusster allows businesses to collaborate together to build networks and online publications that provide a greater audience reach on-line and in their communities.

Over the last year Klusster has produced 100,000 leads for a community of 35 small businesses in the Waterloo Region.

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Meet Our Partners

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Paystone POS

Payment Processing (Custom E-Commerce Gateway Systems)

After years of experience consulting for businesses and selling in the industry, we found a local Canadian partner that would offer our clients the best service, support and price. Zomaron is our preferred partner to provide our clients transparent pricing, no contracts and 24/7 365 support.

*Treos Offer*  When joining Zomaron through Treos we will offer "Giveback 25%". 25% of the revenue created from your account, which is currently padding the pockets of the major banks, will be put back into your community towards a charity or service of your choice. This is a great opportunity for marketing, public relations, collaboration and community support.


Klusster Media

Software for building a Network & Online Publication

The KLUSSTER PLATFORM enables marketers, publishers, groups & businesses to create, host & distribute quality PUBLICATIONS to engage with more people online.

Our People

Get to Know Us

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Ryan Snelling

CEO & Co-Founder

Ryan Snelling is one of our Co-Founders, bringing integrity, authenticity and an eye for what makes a business succeed. Since 2009, Ryan has been a consultant and a business owner partnering across Canada with big corporations in telecommunication and payment processing. Ryan has seen it all — and is ready to share his experience with you!


Steven Robyn

President & Co-Founder

Steven Robyn is one of our Co-Founders as well, bringing a pragmatic humanitarian approach to business with a vision for efficiency optimization and a belief that all businesses have room for growth. From Steven's Western University days he has been entrepreneurial, owning an e-commerce auto parts business that grew into a 3100 sq/ft fleet management repair facility before becoming a Business Analyst in Toronto specializing in identifying profitable changes to operations.

Join Our Team!

We’re Hiring

Want to work for the best organizations with the brightest minds? Check out the exciting career opportunities at Treos below. If you’re curious and driven by innovation and outside-the-box problem-solving, we’re interested in having you join us. Send us your resume and we’ll have you interviewing in our office in no time.

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Enterpreneurial Minded

Account Consultants

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to join the Treos family. Account Consultants are the face of Treos through connecting with businesses in their communities! If our story interests you then reach out to us. You will not regret it!

Talking Business

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